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ACP is proud to be the “go-to” store for just about all your equipment needs. Whether you need a garden tractor or home stand-by generator for your home, or you need commercial mowing equipment for your business – we’re your place. We carry the complete lines of …

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With a diverse line of rental equipment for both the homeowner and contractor, ACP will be sure to have exactly what you need to get your job done. We have a no-hassle rental policy which will get you going quickly and efficiently. Our equipment is impeccably maintained …

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ACP will work with you to get the best possible financing for your equipment needs. We work with most of the major manufacturers and lending institutions, and will find the program which fits your specific needs. For more information or to apply online, follow the …

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When I need a mower I to to ACP.  Over the years I have bought several Toro zero-turns from Bryan.  As a commercial mowing contractor I can’t be down a mower.  If ACP can’t fix my problem that day, a loaner has always been provided.  These guys have given me great service year after year.

Kratt’s Caretaking

Kratt's Caretaking